Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Media is Told to Shut up (not only by me) by the Presidential Candidates.

I guess today was a slow day for the media. Barely any mention was made of the US Embassy car bombing in Lebanon, although some anchor says it was of ominous portent for the U.S. Only three people died, so I guess it wasn't that important. But the rest of the day was talk about Race in the race to President that is all about Race, but no one is in a race to talk about it, when it's embers are blown out of proportion in an attempt to create a fire. It didn't work. The media tried to make a mountain out of Senator Barack Obama's molehill about Senator Clinton's statement about what Lyndon B. Johnson did for civil rights.

Get real, Senator Barack. You're a friggin' lawyer. Nothing happens without legislation, no matter how important those courageous civic leaders walk and march and sing and -- vote. I believe Senator Clinton might have been making that point. So in no way was Senator Clinton discounting the advances of slain martyr Dr. Martin Luther King. You have special protection because of your race, so let's not drum up the "race" card where it's not needed.

But boy, did the media like this one. How many times did the media mention race. They had different angles discussing the subject, practically salivating over the idea that things were gonna get "mean and dirty."

It was a non-starter.

The American public knows when something is racial, and this one was not it. Try though you might to foment a hue and cry the likes of a Rodney King incident or an O.J. Simpson verdict, you were shut up, not by us (as we weren't listening anyway - we know a cheap shot when we see one). The candidates told you to shut up. This was a good day. The media tried, yet again, to inject its high school morals into a serious time of debate about who will run our country, and they want to see a mudslinging match. Well, they did. The media lost and they're still wiping their mud from their faces.

Here's not listening to you, Media.

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