Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Betting Addictions and the Media -- Gambling with America's Future

I would be ecstatic about the American election process if only the media could be forced out of the equation. Media -- the very corporations that everyone excoriates, jumps on the first front runner, and tells the rest of us what's happening in the race to judgment. And we end up losing. If one can show me how allowing lotteries helps America's children get a better education, I'll shut up. But for now, in my own Puritan way, I'm against betting. You'd do better to throw your money on the casino floors (as I do in Las Vegas so someone wins, even if it is only a quarter that the lucky sucker finds!).

I am one who always eats her words, and I'm smacking already. I called Lou Dobbs an idiot or something to that effect, but his insight into the mendacity of the media in calling who is the "front runner" in an interview with always-serious-always-monotone Wolf Blitzer was astounding. Again, today on NPR Radio, another journalist lambasted the media for not doing its job to keep the electorate informed about issues, instead of nervously looking at 200 polls to determine who was in first place. Here's a great website written by someone who must do his/her work full-time. It explains the truth behind the Iowa caucus and
the would-be Obama juggernaut and how the media and journalists totally ignored the facts, instead, waiting for the Jeopardy wheel to spin, taking bets on where it would land so they could announce it first.

We are a youth oriented culture, and God Bless them, as they are the nation's future. However, they want everything so quickly, and the media is feeding into that need for quick answers to tough questions, doing us all a disservice. We might be headed into another prolonged mess - this time domestically. Corporations like the status quo and I would not be surprised if the support of handsome and articulate youthful and hopeful Senator Barack Obama -- isn't a strategy to make him the front runner, to be beaten by hawk Senator McCain -- so the war can continue forward..... but I sound like a conspiracy kook, and do not wish to but it so easily surfaces in my mind as to who is the real threat... and it's not Obama. It is the media and the buzzword which explains their attempt to control the world: "vertical integration," explained in the titled hyperlink above. Businesses use it all of the time in branding their products, but when a news source becomes enmeshed in the practice, that's the end of our democracy as we know it (not that we can recognize democracy anymore, anyway). Maybe President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who succumbed to the mandate against his Presidential status for life, should come to the U.S. to teach us how elections work.

Hey, I can take the news, but my problem is that the wrong chefs are in the kitchen, cooking up a recipe that ultimately, can only be distasteful. Or am I just getting older now, and realize that there is no such place called Camelot, no matter how we might try to conjure up a minority cast for the leads?

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