Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hiltons and Lohans Trump Media's Interest in Calls for Cheney's Impeachment

We have come to a sad time in our country's existence when the media doesn't cover the alleged constitutional violations of the second most important man in the land. Newspapers rush to cover the antics of uneducated twenty-somethings whose whole raison d'etre is to etre. Be there. That's it. Show up. Look pretty. First page news - News Flash. Britney Flashed!

The obliteration of our sacred Bill of Rights? The potential of an abuse of power? Where are Woodward and Bernstein now? A President got some thugs to break into some offices in a hotel. Impeachment was called and to avoid censure a President Nixon resigned. During another time in our country's history, a President (no, Not JFK, or GWB, Sr.) had a dalliance with a young intern, and impeachment hearings were held.

The brave Congressman below seeks to petition for impeachment proceedings against Vice President Cheney (just the last name is synonymous with greed, corruption, and cloak and dagger maneuvering, topped with deniability and the sacrosanct Executive Privilege defenses). Hear Wexler's radio interview where he states his befuddlement that three members of the Judiciary Committee wants to investigate the allegations and not one large media outlet covered it, to his knowledge. Be patient and turn down the volume if the hung-over smoker-sounding radio jock's voice gets on your nerves.

I'd still like to know. Where were the media? Where were the articles in the tabloids, the major papers, or even the television news for that matter? Black out. We can no longer look at the dark sinister Putin's resurged "Iron Curtain" as the only country that controls its press. Indeed, see where we rank in the list of countries with freedom of the press. Click the link and look at the column on the right.

But who cares about the press except MTV's Sweet Sixteen brats who want fame more than an education? Where are the friggin' adults in this country? Are we addicted to nineteen year-olds and the grown men who love them?

The US actually needs God's Blessings now -- because this country is no longer blessed. It is lacking in common sense; we need a reinvigoration of what made this country a beacon for emulation: due process and invocation of the rule of law. We're quite the disgrace now. And that makes me sad.

C'mon, America. Write to the major papers and ask them: Why the Blackout? And threaten not to read their papers, anymore. They don't give us important news, after all. The Power really is with the People now. And we need hearings. The results are up for grabs, and I'm not even as concerned about the outcome as the due process that should take place to see that justice is served and we learn about the limits of Executive Privilege. Just who can we believe in if not the democratic principles that keep us free?

We might need to move to Iraq.

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