Friday, November 9, 2007

Don't Forget to Eat Your O.J: Vengeance is Sweeeeet!

Ya know, life was getting pretty boring here in the good 'ol USA: the war took a back seat to the World Series (although the Pakistan debacle has gotten pretty good press); the fires in California have been contained now (the news only covers the catastrophes, not really the aftermath - just how are those people who fled from their homes doing now? - who cares - no drama). There were a couple of people named Peterson who seemed to make surname almost synonymous with crime, at least this week (a teacher named Kelsey Petersen fled with her 13 year-old paramour; and a young woman, named Stacy Peterson has been missing). My advice to anyone with the last name -- change it until this blows over). Like I said, it was pretty usual, even boring, of late, unless you're an election junkie -- until....

NEWS FLASH: Orange Juice is no longer a beverage. It is an edible human morsel ritually cannibalized by the media, and the nation, as they all vent their anger at a black man who has come to personify a slap in the face at the nation's deferential grant of its noblesse oblige. In other words, he was a cool black dude who done gone bad.

The resurgence of Orenthal James Simpson in the American psyche has come back to haunt us. The televised preliminary hearing of kidnapping-robbery proceedings have elevated the news ratings again. The spite in the delivery of the news almost requires a napkin to the TV screen to wipe off their spit. But this Las Vegas life-imitates-art saga raises other questions. Where I once believed that O.J. could have been an accomplice to a murder of his former wife and her friend Ron Goldman, I now wonder - could he possibly be innocent of both crimes - the murders and the robberies? I say this a bit tongue in cheek, but O.J.'s antics of late make me wonder.

It's not because the media always has a feeding frenzy whenever Sir O.J. disgraces himself (which he does all of the time, so I don't really pity him). It's because if he were truly that hot-headed and nonsensical to make such a ruckus -- just to get some memorabilia worth $100,000 -- surely he isn't smart enough to have pulled off the murders for which the world accuses him. He seems outright dumb, honestly. Or -- Is he that great of a mastermind? If the latter is the answer, he should have been a lawyer, and not a pretty-boy jock spoiled by the excesses of privilege?

Judging by this hotel fiasco, O.J. apparently does nothing by himself, as he always has a hanger-on, usually a low-life looking overly tanned grease-head to bask in his twice-(or thrice-) faded Golden Glory. Today, O.J.'s chiseled looks are softer and more plump, but he still turns heads. He is the equivalent of a Greek God brought down to earth by his inhumanity to his fellow man (or woman, in the case of Nicole Simpson who kept her married name despite their marital woes).

Double jeopardy removed, now the Media has a reason to keep their ratings high, feasting on O.J., again, as the nation has desired all along. Over the past two days, the media has followed the comings and goings of O.J. more than they've covered our President's walk from a car to the White House front door. And in apposition to the universally-acknowledged criminal, our esteemed leader is looking quite Presidential by comparison. The camera gleefully points its lens at O.J., taunting him like a child's toy gun that, at a pull of the trigger, unfurls a pendant, saying "Gotcha this time!" Oh, happy days are here again, yes
Lordy! We got him!

In French, the word
feast is pronounced "fetes." In English we use the term "fete" in the context of a religious feast or festival. As if anticipating my blog, yesterday evening Greta Van Susteren asked one of O.J.'s greasy friends if O.J. was "consumed" by the trial. An interesting choice of words. Greta. Respectfully -- you got your pound of flesh over 13 years ago, which is how you got your face-lift -- yet, you're still picking at O.J.'s bones off of your plate. I'd say you, Ms. Susteren, and your brethren, are consumed with consuming him.

I guess where I see media bias is because, let's see.... nobody is denouncing Mark
Furman for trying so hard to set the "killer" up, and for his taped rant of America's favorite word expletive when discussing people of the Black race. You know: starts with an "N and ends with an "R, and isn't "nutter." In fact he's gone from bad cop to seasoned detective-expert-where.else, but FOX Cable News. Kinda like the Ollie North Syndrome - he lied and climbs to loftier heights, another employee of Fox TV News. Apparently, Fox hiring personnel have only one question to ask of its employees: Have you committed a crime worthy of imprisonment or infamy, at least? Hey, join our family. You're hired.

C'mon, America. Really.

It's the media who are nutter for spending so much time on a man whose heyday passed so long ago. Bring back
Good Times, when people felt good. or the Jeffersons. Let's follow Robert Blake, or my favorite criminal, Claus von Bulow (of "Reversal of Fortune" biopic film renown) acquittal. All murders are evil, I believe, but ones that are plotted every day, and executed in a slow calculated fashion are absolutely the worst. But who cares about a rich man who gets away with only attempting to poison his wife, merely putting her in a irreversible coma?

Am I defending O.J? I guess I am. But it's not for the reasons that many might think. In the past, when asked, I gave my opinion that I accepted the verdict, because the jury acquitted them. I really wasn't sure that he could do the deed, although the look of remorse on his face at his first arraignment over a decade ago gave me a chill. When told that he was a suspect in the murder was either a poor acting job; or 2) the look of a man who was too drugged up to truly understand what was going on. Well, if you take my position that he had something to do with the murders.

When a defendant is acquitted of a crime, we must accept that fact, no matter how opprobrious it might be to bear. Imagine what Black Americans have had to endure for centuries, even to this day -- acquittals of gang beating-fests caught on video-tape (Rodney King). Why aren't we talking about that injustice? Black Americans keep their opinions to themselves in this "free" country of ours. But the white majority cannot seem to let go. Which is why the media is trailing this case as if it were the first flight to Mars (it has eclipsed
Kucinich's UFO sighting, by far). The media will cover more of O.J., than they did the landing of the Challenger this week, after a dangerous space-walk mission. The only other thing that the media is bemoaning is the economy, but O.J. has something to do with that too: we're losing our productivity as a nation, instead transfixed on the wrestling match of America versus the Most Hated Man in the U.S.

So, get your forks and knives out, everybody. We're going to have one big humongous month-long Thanksgiving feast. Celebrate. But no need to buy a turkey. We have one we can feast on already. Just swallow your O.J. to get it all out of your system. Now that's gonna be quite a meal.

But, hey, given the way the media is following Britney Spears, we might have a new Public Enemy to consume - for dessert. I have to let my food digest first before tackling that one. Stay tuned.

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