Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Media Talks Babies and Petty Crime While Dennis Kucinich Offers Impeachment Resolution

Again, the media is asleep at the switch. Congressman Dennis Kucinich is on C-Span offering HR Resolution 333 seeking the impeachment of Vice-President Dick Cheney. He lists the facts that prove that the VP deceived the country about the links between Iraq and Al Qaeda, and alleges that he lied on national television that Iraq was developing nuclear capabilities. He listed Cheney's different visits to the media, namely Meet the Press, the venues used by the VP to distort the truth.

I switched to the other news channels -- which no doubt have feeds -- to see whether they saw this resolution as breaking news. Let's see, I'll switch channels now: Headline News is airing the life of a quadriplegic; CNN covered the writers' strike, MSNBC is talking about the environment; and Fox News is covering commercials and football. Let's see who considers this breaking news. I'm waiting.... waiting.... waiting..... nothing yet. Dennis is still speaking on the floor.

Fox is talking about Heather McCartney's plight against her former-Beatle husband.

No breaking news. Which is why they are useless in giving the news. This is newsworthy -- but not popular. Even mentioning the issue without seeking a live feed shows their bias. Or their writers are on strike so they can't write that fast. Journalism 101, anyone?

This is one time where their ShuttingUp--really worked - to not reveal breaking news.

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I have not watched the news -- and I'm getting work done.

Interestingly enough, my commitment to watch Fox News has had a different effect than I would have anticipated. I didn't watch it at all yesterday. I just couldn't. I've been brainwashed by the punditocracy that it's all rubbish and right-leaning. Well, I have been afraid of watching Fox. But for about one hour yesterday, I did turn it on, and I thought it was actually okay. They had a round-table discussion where people weren't yelling at one another, and you could actually follow the dialogue. I'm shocked. I did find that the local Fox News Channel (Channel 25) is pretty good, but I'm not one for local news, actually.

So, I'm going to step out of the shadows and try watching it later today. But it's been blessedly quiet and I've accomplished a lot, not listening to the news. This blog might disappear any day now, as I've figured out the solution. Don't watch the news. At all!!

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