Friday, November 2, 2007

Is there Too Much Testosterone on MSNBC?

I've watched Dan Abrams for a couple of years now on MSNBC and was disappointed when his show went off the air. However, overall, I was happy for him, as he was moving up from the ranks of a lawyer with opinions (actually worthy of a show) to General Manager of the whole cable channel! Way to go, Dan, I thought. I still enjoy his periodic appearances when he subs for other news presenters, but I've taken a big step back to see what he's done to the channel. Well, not knowing his marital status or whether or not he's dating, I'd still wager that he has either imbibed Viagra intravenously, or he's frustrated that it's not doing its job. Where am I going with this?

I think MSNBC is thinking too much about sex. Or is it just me?

All day today, from Contessa Brewer flirting with the elderly "NASA guy" who is probably the only newsman who doesn't have to wear a tie ("did you know you're my favorite newsman; did you know that, "-- she cooed at him yesterday, or something to that effect). Then it was her description of the kissing pandas who do it "with tongue," she giggled. Apparently, two Japanese pandas are obsessively affectionate with each other [close up on animal lust]. The pandas got more than their 15 minutes of fame, and if MSNBC has their way they'll have a series.

Back to Abrams. Where was I? Abrams proceeds to rage about Hillary Clinton's lament that the media were too harsh with her at the debates on Tuesday. But Abrams? He spun himself in his own web by bringing panelists to discuss Hillary's claim at her all girls alma mater (Wellesley) that she could tussle "with the big boys."

And Mr. Abrams took offense. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

Does he expect her to say that notwithstanding her skirts and heels, she's really a male and that's why she's running for President? He had two guests, whose names escape me because they were both plants for opposite female viewpoints (one pro female, the other anti-female). Abrams sat back in his seat, turning his lip up with disgust, as he exclaimed that the press wasn't being hard on her. She was the front runner, and maybe that was the reason why they were giving her a barrage of questions. I agree with Ms. Clinton, however.

I do believe that Tim Russert has lost his objectivity, and seems driven in putting her in her place. She needed the tousle - I mean, gee -- we might have a woman in charge of the USA! Run for your lives! Only men can screw up the country. But Russert wasn't going to hand it to her on a silver platter. Here's where Abrams tripped over his logic: the media was being tough on her, she was playing the "gender card," for people to lay off her. She was being a wimp and wasn't taking it like a man. And how dare she complain.

In my opinion, the debates were an all male tousle equivalent to a hazing for being in the male locker room. But it worked. I felt sympathetic for her. I think she acquitted herself better than most men would do. And that's the point. They want her to be weak -- but as a President, she is not going to be, is she? So the issue of sex is -- just what it is. Senator Clinton is a woman running for President and makes every man have to acknowledge that a woman might actually be on top, as it were. Get over it, Abrams. Not satisfied with bashing just one woman, Abrams then decided to deride Heather Mills McCartney for her emotional break down on television in the United Kingdom. She's gone through hell and back, apparently, as the former Beatles wife-not-to-be-anymore-soon -- is distraught with her treatment by the media. Abrams then proceeded to scorn her "cry me a river" sentiments, practically calling her a fraud. Which way do you want it, Dan? A simpering woman, or a strong one? Abrams basically contends that if a woman fights back about her treatment, she can't take the heat - and should all go back to the kitchen while you men stay on his network!

Yep. Dan has reinvented testosterone TV, for the cable station's intellectual viewers. "Dock Block," rhymes with.....something. Has Abrams renewed his machismo by smoking cigars with the NBC brass (a macho past time that I have yet to understand for my penchant for brown and phallic thinking). Well, however he's found his cojones, now, and wants us to meet America's worst class of people besides politicians -- prisoners who actually get caught for their crimes. MSNBC is obsessed with men in prison. They could have bought "Oz" reruns and called it a night.

I guess I shouldn't complain. They could have reminded us over and over again that 3 [unnamed] soldiers gave their lives to help score a record in Iraq (the lowest month of GI dead in Iraq in a long time -- only 39). No names. Just numbers. But they'll give us the details about sex.

War isn't fun. And this election is the most important in our history. But we mustn't forget. While we're arguing about skirts and shirts and kissing pandas, and hard men in prisons without women - Americans are dying to preserve our -- values? Bless those soldiers, anyway, and may they be protected -- while we watch sex on TV news.

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