Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is Chris Matthews a Subversive Hired by the Far Right of the Dems? Hmmmmhh? (upturned baby finger to mouth?)

I just watched the debates and have stayed focused on Chris Matthews' interpretation of the same, which immediately opened to his opinion of Dennis Kucinich. I will admit that I am a Kucinich supporter. I find that I identify with most of his political issues, but I am probably not a die-hard supporter of some of his social positions.

That having been said, what's with Chris Matthews? Was he asleep when the UFO story came out?

By leading into commercial chuckling about the UFO conundrum, he totally skewed the viewers to either agree or disagree. Who wouldn't want to laugh at the end of a tense debate? But Matthews deftly did it at a serious candidate's expense. The candidate who is yelling for impeachment. The candidate who can get us out of the war in Iraq. The candidate who dares to be original. Like the apoplectic bully that he is, Matthews reduced a man with novel political ideas (that are actually quite revolutionary) -- and reshaped him into a small novelty worthy of derision.

What's up with Chris "I am The Man" Matthews? I really think Matthews is flummoxed that someone like Dennis Kucinich might be as smart (and as rapid a speaker) as Matthews thinks he is. Matthews routinely interrupts his own thoughts with references to his faith -- he believes in the Catholic Church and talks as though everyone has his same world view. To some nonbelievers, that's no different than questioning UFOs! Immaculate conceptions and rising from the Dead? Really, Chris. So what's the deal with lampooning Kucinich, Chris?

Why Kucinich?

When you recounted the text messaged votes, on your perch outside of the debate hall, you mentioned Dennis and referenced the terms,"single digits," next to his name, and only listed the other candidates' numbers, without comment. What gives? Who has hired you to debunk this candidate -- in particular?

I wouldn't even watch Hardball were it not that he gets interesting people on his show -- who are bludgeoned with his spit-spat bath of questions that only he can answer -- because he never gets the whole sentence out before he starts answering his own question. I say put Matthews in a room with a mirror and let him ask and answer his own questions while he froths at the mouth.

So what gives, Mr. Holy Cross and Mr. North Carolina? You're with the Big Boys now, huh? Just like you always dreamed. Now you want to ruin someone else's. You're a bully and a bore. And you spit too much. And you talk loud, but like James Brown said, "You Ain't Sayin' Nothin."

So SHUTUP CHRIS -- We're trying to draw our own opinions. And may you eat your words as you get beamed up back to anonymity where you belong.

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Dem Dems Dem Dems -- Dem Dum Dems

Men. Gotta love 'em. They'll find competition in chewing food, spitting, throwing a ball, and in writing on a topic they overheard before the news has even reached their ears. The battle of egos in the Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman columns on MSNBC.com today are very telling about what each writer really wants to do: be the reason why Obama succeeds in tonights Democratic Presidential debate. Like whispering sweet nothings in his ear while msassaging the shoulders of a heavyweight fighter, both men will likely take the credit for watching Obama train -- and if Obama succeeds in winning the debate, each can say they were listened to by the Presidential candidiate.

Last I heard, Matthews and Fineman were journalists, albeit, given free reign in their spheres. Fineman is the Editor of Newsweek, and Chris Matthews is the affable crumudgeon who loves his own voice over that of the people he is purported to be interviewing on his show, "Hardball."

Now, they want to change careers and be Campaign speech writers, and both have failed miserably. Matthews writes a speech that emphasizes the "rut" we are in in Iraq. He says the word "rut" five times. Not only is his speech sophomoric and un-presidential, it is more testimony of the need for Matthews to be heard, beyond his news show that airs at least three times per day. His words are short crisp, trite, and pithy. I would hope speech writers would spend their time writing more eloquently. To increase his credibility, he then lists his credentials as a speech writer, as a Senate staffer for two senators. Yeah, well, I was a cheerleader once. That was then. This is now. Fortunately for America, we're more sophisticated than Matthews believes. My advice to Matthews: who asked you?

Mr. Fineman fares no better. He cites that he came up with a compilation of "wise" suggestions uttered to him while "chatting with staffers and supporters in various Democratic camps." Within several sentences of stating this he mentions the opinions of a "dinner-party companion." And this is worthy of printing? You're talking to us about your friend's views, and purport to give a candidate advice on the topic?

In attacking Hillary, Fineman suggests, Obama must do so, "with sorrow," and that his suggestions are not made with any personal animus. He must then delineate where he and Ms. Clinton diverge on key issues - if there are any. Wow, that's heavy, Mr. Fineman. The condescension of both writers is palpable. Why no advice for Edwards? What about Kucinich or Dodd? They're the ones that could use the advice.

Me thinks England might be asleep while a major upset could be in the offing. But hey, I know nothing and write to say the same. I'm Jane Q Citizen. But Fineman and Matthews, as well-read and influential journalists, have displayed a bias to help Obama, in a condescending, little-helpful writing that gives them thousands of readers.

I say, politely, please SHUTUPMEDIA. We're trying to think. We don't care what you think. We are thinking about what the candidates think. And you have no idea. Get out on the street, not your cocktail parties, and talk to real America.

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Cable Unplugged

Okay -- to introduce myself -- I am a cable television news junkie. I don't read news as much as listen to it (which might be the source of my problem). But like most people, I have to make a living. My benefit is that I can do so out of my home.

I make my living as a writer but, not to worry, you've never heard of me. If you have ever needed a business plan, you may have come across my site advertised on the web. I am not making a plug for that business. Instead, I'm making a plug for unplugging your television and not listening to the pundits out there in "punditocracy-land," -- that conventional news media -- the Fourth Estate, borne of a constitutional right to allow anyone to express his or her views.

That constitution had inherent flaws in interpretation, as we well know -- even the drafters of it truly did not believe that all men were equal. The problem, as I see it, is that the Fourth Estate has now turned into a Royal Pundit-ocracy. The media personalities such as Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews, Shawn Hannity, Bill Moyers, Keith Olberman, to name only a few -- have graced the television screens for so long now, and for so many hours per day, that each has become a whole behemoth unto themselves, who are the real crowners of the kings and queens. And we the people? Oh, that was just a nice sounding phrase. They're not playing to us. They're talking to each other.

I am here to remind them of for whom they work. And they should be schooled on a daily basis. Just as lawyers must be reminded one hour each year, in taking Continuing Legal Education courses, of their duty to be ethical, so too, must the media be reminded of its obligation - to REPORT. They are not the news themselves. They are supposed to be mouthpieces only for telling us the news. Period. We don't need to know of their political views, their opinions, or their personal backgrounds for that matter They are servants of the people. And we can mow their lawn -- by turning them off.

As time permits, I will visit myself to give examples of how the media has become a monster unto itself -- and although the monster is hanging onto the Empire State Building, like the media, with its satellite antennae mesmerizing us, and making us follow their every word - I caution the reader. STOP. LOOK. LISTEN -- YOU ARE NOT A MORON. They know no more than you know, because we're all reading the same information from the same sources. They have a bullhorn, however, and give us their opinions every minute, every hour, and every day of the year, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on..... SHUTUP, MEDIA! We're trying to think.

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